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DESICAD is the comercial agent of CAPMAC in Portugal, Italian company specialized in AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS for RIVETING.


CAPMAC INDUSTRY is specialized in the design and production of riveting machines and automated riveting plants. Each machine and plant is designed to meet a customer’s needs. 

Solid rivet

The solid rivet creates a mechanical joint joining two or more sheet metal parts, metal ones in general. It is also used to join composite materials where welding...

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Solid rivet - Solid rivet

Semi-tubular rivets

Semi-tubular rivets are similar to solid rivets except for a partial hole at the tip. This hole’s purpose is to reduce application force needed by rolling the tub...

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Semi-tubular rivets - Semi-tubular rivets

Tubular rivet

The tubular rivet creates a mechanical joint; this kind of rivet is usually used to assemble metal sheets or composite materials. It is not a removable joint: it ...

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Tubular rivet - Tubular rivet

Pop rivets

Blind rivets or Pop rivets are tubular and supplied with a mandrel through the centre. The rivet assembly is inserted in a hole drilled through the parts to be jo...

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Pop rivets - Pop rivets

Thread insert

A thread insert, also known as a threaded bushing, is a fastening element inserted in an item to add a threaded hole. In general, it can be used to provide a more dura...

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Thread insert - Thread insert