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Solid rivet

The solid rivet creates a mechanical joint joining two or more sheet metal parts, metal ones in general. It is also used to join composite materials where welding...

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Solid rivet - Solid rivet

Semi-tubular rivets

Semi-tubular rivets are similar to solid rivets except for a partial hole at the tip. This hole’s purpose is to reduce application force needed by rolling the tub...

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Semi-tubular rivets - Semi-tubular rivets

Tubular rivet

The tubular rivet creates a mechanical joint; this kind of rivet is usually used to assemble metal sheets or composite materials. It is not a removable joint: it ...

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Tubular rivet - Tubular rivet

Pop rivets

Blind rivets or Pop rivets are tubular and supplied with a mandrel through the centre. The rivet assembly is inserted in a hole drilled through the parts to be jo...

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Pop rivets - Pop rivets

Thread insert

A thread insert, also known as a threaded bushing, is a fastening element inserted in an item to add a threaded hole. In general, it can be used to provide a more dura...

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Thread insert - Thread insert